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Fluid Connectors Part No system and ordering information

Fluid Connectors part numbers are based on basic description of thread Style, Shapes and Sizes.
Note Fluid Connectors refers to thread sizes only, not a dash size, as this is a universal language,

fluid connectors


Important our part number system is written in alphabetical order, JIM before UNM etc

Please note our catalogue also works in an alphabetical sequence.


7/8" JIC Male x7/8" UNO Male 90 degree Compact Extension 73mm

Part No = JIM-UNM-90C-1414 E73

3/4" NPT Male Drop Tee (Branch) Tee's are read from clockwise from the left

Part No = NTF-NTF-NTM-121212

3/8" NPT Female Cross

Part No = NTF-NTF-NTF-NTF-06060606

Reference guide of Fluid Connectors thread style & descriptions

  BBB BSP Banjo Bolt   MIM Metric ISO Male    
  BBM BSP Bulkhead Male   MKF Metric Komatsu Female  
  BFF BSP Flat face Female MKM Metric Komatsu Male  
  BFM BSP Flat face Male   MLF Metric Light Female    
  BJF BSP JIS Female   MLM Metric Light Male    
  BJM BSP JIS Male   MOF Metric O-ring Female    
  BLN BSP Lock Nut   MS00 Multi Spiral Hose Ferrule  
  BPF BSP Parallel Female   MSM Metric Stud Male    
  BPM BSP Parallel Male   NSF NPT Swivel Female    
  BSF BSP Swivel Female   NTF NPT Tapered Female    
  BTF BSP Tapered Female NTM NPT Tapered Male    
  BTM BSP Tapered Male   OR-ORF O-Ring ORFS    
  BVB Ball Valve BSP  (high pressure ) OR-UNM O-Ring UNOM    
  CAP-F61 CAP Code 61 Flange   OBM ORFS Bulkhead Male  
  CAP-F62 CAP Code 62 Flange   OLN ORFS Lock Nut    
  CAT-F62 CAT Ring     ORF ORFS Female    
  CLK-F61 Clamp Kit Code 61   ORM ORFS Male    
  CLK-F62 Clamp Kit Code 62   ORW-BSP O-ring and Washer BSP  
  CLS-F61 Clamp Split Code 61   ORW-MET O-ring and Washer Metric  
  CLS-F62 Clamp Split Code 62   PLT Push Lock Tail    
  DSB Dowty Seal BSP   SAF SAE Female    
  DSM Dowty Seal Metric   SAM SAE Male      
  JBM JIC Bulkhead Male   SF1 Swage Ferrule Type1AirconHose
  JFF JIC Fixed Female   SMS SAE Male Swivel    
  JIF JIC Female   SN01 Swage Ferrule Non-Skive 1 Wire
  JIM JIC Male     SN02 Swage Ferrule Non-Skive 2 Wire
  JLN JIC Lock Nut   SN03 Swage Ferrule Non-Skive R3  
  JTN JIC Tube Nut   SN07 Swage Ferrule 100R7  
  JTS JIC Tube Sleeve   SS01 Swage Ferrule Skive 1 Wire  
  LPT Low Pressure Tail   SS02 Swage Ferrule Skive 2 Wire  
  MBB Metric Banjo Bolt   ST Steel Teflon Ferrule R14  
  MBJ Metric BanJo   STB Swage Tail Braided    
  MCF MetricChineseFemaleFlatFace STM Swage Tail Multispiral  
  MFF Metric French GAZ Female TCL-S Tube Clamp Single    
  MFM  Metric French GAZ Male TCL-D Tube Clamp Double    
  MHM Metric Heavy Male   TWF Tube Weld Female    
  MHF Metric Heavy Female   UNF UNO Female    
  MIF Metric ISO Female   UNM UNO Male    

Reference For Fluid Connectors Shape Types

  45C 45 Degree Compact    
  90C 90 Degree Compact  
  90S 90 Degree Swept  
  CS Counter Sunk  ( Plugs Only )

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